What is Perinatal Depression & Anxiety?

“Postnatal Depression Awareness Week will now be known as Perinatal Depression and Anxiety (PNDA) Awareness Week. This change is in response to the importance of recognising and supporting parents’ mental health right through the perinatal period (during pregnancy and after birth). Antenatal anxiety and depression are strong risk factors in developing postnatal anxiety and depression. Early treatment during pregnancy can reduce these risks. We need to consider a parent’s wellbeing across this continuum, rather than viewing these periods as separate.” – PANDA.org.au

What is Perinatal Depression & Anxiety?

When to ask for Help

What is Perinatal Anxiety

When to Ask for Help


Kirstin Bouse is Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with 20-years’ experience in her profession. She is a mother of 4 children and the owner of Life Resolutions Morley and Wembley and has a team of 6 Psychologists working across both practices. Kirstin’s areas of interest include; peri-natal mental health, parenting, anxiety and depression, trauma, family breakdown and relationships. Kirstin has also developed The Conscious Mother’s Program for women at ALL stages of their motherhood journey whether they are experiencing difficulties or not. The primary aim of program is to help women prepare for, and successfully navigate, the psychological elements of motherhood.

‘The Conscious Mother’ Book written by Kirstin Bouse will be available to purchase at The Big Pram Walk. Alternatively, if you can’t wait… you can purchase it from Baby Steps Health Centre. 

For more information about Perinatal Depression and Anxiety visit the beyondblue Website

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